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Changes to Registration for 2018 -- Due to a high demand for our classes, registration with payment must be received by the school at least one week in advance of the class start date. Additionally, we have limited our class sizes to 7 dogs to ensure everyone gets ample time with our trainers.
Rent our building! -- We are allowing our building to be rented out between the hours of 1 pm - 3 pm! This is an opportunity for students and non-students to practice for trials, hang out, discovery new things and build confidence away from home. Cost is $25.00 per hour and $10 per dog. Call 425-788-6350 to reserve you spot.
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Obedience Class Descriptions

Beginning Obedience
This class is for untrained dogs and will cover all commands dog owners need for good behavior. Families welcome - Please talk to instructor prior
Advanced Obedience Class Descriptions
Advanced Obedience Skills II
Handler and dog will be challenged perfecting skills learned in Beginning Obedience and learning more advanced skills. Good for everyone. Prerequisite - Beginning Obedience
Event Skills
Focus on fun training to prepare for strong showing in any performance event ring. This class focuses on getting YOU ready to show your dog.
Open / Utility Combined
CDX refers to the second level of obedience titles and Utility is the most advanced level of obedience. Dogs are taught to retrieve a dumbbell, as well as off leash heeling, down on recall, broad jumps, sit and down stays with the owner out of sight. We also work on Utility exercises such as scent work, signals, directed jumping and the "send away" exercises. Very challenging to teach a dog & useful for more than just obedience trials.
Training Fun
Discover your dog's talents and your interests while trying out different performance sports. Prerequisite - Beginning Obedience
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