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Tammy Aylward

Tammy grew up around dogs, cats and rodents with an occasional horse in her life. She has all ways been fascinated by way animals learn and started taking over the training of all the dogs in the house, especially after reading about the first cocker spaniel to every achieve an OTCH obedience title and all he and his owner went through to get to that level. Even though her family pets were not able to enter the show ring since they were mostly mixed breeds they were trained as if they were able to go in. Most of the family pets have learned hand signals along with regular training commands, which has been fun to show friends and family as well as a blessing as the pets have aged loosing hearing and sometimes their sight. Currently she is owned by Willis a German Wirehaired Pointer, Sara a Sheltie Farm Dog and 5 cats who started life as ferals or strays.

Willis was her first purebred dog that she had been able to train to obedience competition level and take into the show ring. Though he decided that hunting was more fun than obedience, she was still able to get his CD title in both AKC and UKC as well as his Rally RAE title with AKC and 2 of 3 legs of his Rally O level 3 title. Willis being a hunting breed enjoyed it more when allowed to do field work or hunt so more focus was applied to this and he has achieved his AKC Junior hunter as well as his UKC Hunting Retriever title. Currently he is being trained in Nose Work as well and has achieved his NW1 title and is working on his NW2 title. Sara is a shy dog who has benefited very well from learning Nosework and recently achieved her NW1 title. Working with high energy dog and a shy dog has helped her to focus on trying her best to get both of them to focus and learn even though they have different temperaments as well as learning styles, this in turn has helped her to understand students and their frustration when dealing with so dissimilar dogs.

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