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Obedience Class Descriptions

Beginning Obedience
Begins or continues basic obedience: sit, down, come, stay, walk on a leash, stand, play scent work, retrieve & hand signals. Focus is on individual problems, leadership & communication with your dogs. Bring notebook and vaccination records to first class of the six week course.
Advanced Obedience Class Descriptions
Obedience II
For dogs completing Obedience I. Includes off-leash control, hand signals, heeling, retrieving, scent work, introduction to low jumps & polishing lessons started in Puppy and Obedience I. Improving on come when called.
Obedience II / III
Obedience III / CD Combined
Polishes skills learned in Obedience I & II. This class works on advanced retrieving, jumping, heeling, advanced obedience, with concentration on exercises for the CD title in the obedience ring. Hand signals & off-leash work included.
Open / Utility Combined
CDX refers to the second level of obedience titles and Utility is the most advanced level of obedience. Dogs are taught to retrieve a dumbbell, as well as off leash heeling, down on recall, broad jumps, sit and down stays with the owner out of sight. We also work on Utility exercises such as scent work, signals, directed jumping and the "send away" exercises. Very challenging to teach a dog & useful for more than just obedience trials.
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