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European Herding Sport

Developed in Germany, European Herding Sport is a new dog sport that is overtaking Europe and America! Dogs "herd" a group of balls, one at a time, from the center field to the soccer-style net at the end of the field. Handlers use herding commands to send dogs out to the balls, then the dog brings the balls back in a certain order. In this class, Handlers will learn to send dogs out in both directions (right and left) to run out to the ball and how to give direct commands to guide the dog to the correct ball. Dogs will learn how to line up correctly behind the ball and to push the ball in the correct direction. This is a FUN FUN FUN sport for any dog! While the herding dogs will finally have a chance to herd something at home, ALL dogs can and do enjoy this sport.
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Class Name: European Herding Sport
Dates: May 13, 2017 - May 27, 2017
Weekday: Saturday
Times: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Requirements: Class is 3 weeks
Instructor: Mitzi
Cost: $60

Class Name: European Herding Sport
Dates: May 15, 2017 - Jun 05, 2017
No Class: May 29, 2017
Weekday: Sunday
Times: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Requirements: Class is 3 weeks
Instructor: Mitzi
Cost: $60
Phone: (425) 788-6350
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